Temporarily Here to Stay

Temporarily Here to Stay
Permanent Public Artworks

Artist: Site Sit

Client: Taylor Wimpey Homes

Location: Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan

Services: Strategy Development and commissioning

Phase: Commissioning Ongoing

We are delighted to be working with Site Sit at Taylor Wimpey Homes’ Clare Garden Village residential development in Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan.

Responding to a brief that highlighted issues of connectivity, legibility and wayfinding, Site Sit’s initial research drew attention to the changing use and the “look”, or aesthetic value, of the landscape.  With this in mind, Site Sit developed a series of community workshops that explored how creative activities can document, reflect on, and give value to the development site.

The workshops were delivered by specialist practitioners and included creative writing, (led by Emma Beynon), landscape painting (led by Robert Newell) and a sketchbook walk (led by Geraint Ross Evans).  Each of the activities aimed to enhance Site Sit’s understanding of how groups and individuals engage with, and reflect on, the site.

The outcomes of the workshops and Site Sit’s initial research will inform their approach to the permanent artworks for Clare Garden Village.

Site Sit is the shared artistic activities of Lauren Heckler and Sophie Lindsey.  Through their interest in the relationship between people and place, they instigate projects and activities that provide space for creative reflection and criticality.

Images courtesy of the artists.