Public Relations

Public Relations
Photography Publication

Artist: Martin Parr, Dan Holdsworth, Paul Shambroom, Sarah Pickering

Co-curator: Russell Roberts

Client: Land Securities

Location: Cardiff  & UK

Services: Curated by Emma Price for Safle

Completed: 2010

In the process of redeveloping Cardiff’s shopping centre under the banner of St. David’s 2 (SD2), four photographic artists were commissioned to explore various dimensions of this changing metropolitan landscape. The resulting images range from nocturnal studies of an architectural prototype constructed in the marshland and industrial estates surrounding the city, to reflections on image, myth and history through the display rituals of the Museum and heritage industries, to the fringes and dynamics of political life through local council meetings, and the pleasures of the urban social clubs once heavily associated with the industrial past of South Wales.

Please note this project was commissioned by Safle and curated by Emma Price, now Studio Response Co-Director.