In Lines

In Lines
Integrated Floorscape

Artist: Kelly Best

Client: David Wilson Homes

Location: Ogmore-by-Sea, South Wales

Services: Strategy development and commissioning

Completed: 2016

Studio Response was appointed by David Wilson Homes to curate and manage a series of public artworks for their new Sutton Chase Residential Development in Ogmore-by-Sea, South Wales. Cardiff based artist Kelly Best was commissioned to extend her approach to drawing, which is sometimes situated on the image surface and other times located in three dimensional space, to create a series of integrated artworks.

In Lines is a collection of three metal installations embedded within a public footpath. At once monumental and yet also invisible, the industrial strength of steel combines together with the delicacy of mark making on paper to see the works almost dissolve into the footpath. As the seasons pass, and local residents walk over the artwork on their way to work, school, to see family, In Lines will alter like all things, evolving in response to the paths people take and in turn, become a part of the local landscape.