Digital Placemaking Project and Publication

Artist: Calvium

Client: igloo Regeneration

Location: Porth Teigr, Cardiff Bay

Services: Advisors

Completed: 2017

Digital Placemaking is an emerging field that seeks to empower citizens, and other stakeholders, to experience and shape their public hybrid spaces through creative, critical engagement and co-creation. In 2017 Studio Response supported Calvium’s research into the potential applications for Digital Placemaking in Porth Teigr, culminating in a public showcase event at LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME ALONE.

Ideascape provided the opportunity for residents, visitors and researchers in art, urban design and placemaking to engage and think around possible approaches to digital placemaking through a series of prototypes and propositions. The resulting Ideascape report provides a litmus test for the stakeholder communities involved in urban regeneration, to explore how the future of their spaces might be enhanced through art and  digital technologies. The report content actively responded to public feedback on such areas as community, local economy, skills, wellbeing, heritage and environment.