Badgers Brook

Badgers Brook
Permanent Ceramic Artworks and Pump Station Enhancement

Artist: Jin Eui Kim

Client: Bellway Homes

Location: Ystradowen, South Wales

Services: Strategy development and commissioning

Completed: 2017


Jin Eui Kim is a ceramic artist, originally from South Korea, working at Fireworks Clay Studio in Cardiff. Jin’s works explore how the perception of three-dimensional ceramic forms can be manipulated by the application of arrangements of tonal bands on their surfaces. Depending on the arrangement of tonal bands, using gradients of width, interval or tone and contrast, illusory spatial phenomena can appear and thus influence the experience of three-dimensional forms.

Jin was commissioned by Studio Response on behalf of Bellway Homes to design a creative solution for their Ystradowen residential site’s pump station and to also create a series of site-specific public artworks. During Jin’s research, he observed that the new houses do not come with door numbers, which inspired him to make a unique ceramic door plaque for each of the 40 homes